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Abrasive blast cleaning is the process of preparing surfaces for coating by propelling abrasive media at high pressure to surfaces to remove surface contamination and imperfections. This provides a suitable key to allow coatings to effectively adhere onto the surface. Here at FI Coatings, we have multiple blasting options to meet your every need:

Automatic Blasting Machine – Our automatic blast machine can accommodate items up to 1m in height and 1.5m in width. Sometimes items can fit these criteria but not be suitable for automated blasting due to their design.

Manual Blast – We have two separate manual blast chambers here at FI Coatings, both are 960 sq ft in size so can accommodate a huge variety of items.

Here at FI Coatings we access different types of abrasive media so we can tailor our services to your exact needs.  We predominantly use chilled iron grit when manually blasting, as this is specially developed for speed and consistency on air blasting operations and can be recycled making it a more economical blast media. We can also utilise Garnet which is an expendable grit that can be used at lower pressures, so is great for on-site works. As garnet is non-metallic, this can be used on stainless steel, which is what we primarily use this on at FI Coatings. We also have glass bead which is another non-metallic grit which we most commonly use on stainless steel or works requiring a shallower blast profile. We also have experience in dry ice-blasting which does not impart a profile, so is useful when looking to remove surface contamination or select coatings to allow inspection of the substrate. If you wish to discuss which option would be best for you, give us a call today!

Protective Coatings

FI Coatings has excellent capacity for coating projects of all sizes, boasting an environmentally controlled coatings area of 44,000 sq ft! From small spools and fittings, all the way up to tanks and structural steelwork, you name it, we’ve coated it!

FI Coatings employ a team of qualified coating specialists with experience applying a variety of coatings (Zinc phosphate primers, glass flake, MIO, polyurethane finish coats and many more), and working to good coating practices in line with recognised national and international standards, no job is out of the question!

Intumescent Coatings

Intumescent paint expands when exposed to heat, thereby insulating and protecting the steel beneath it for specified durations, so in the event of a fire, the steel is protected to allow persons inside the building to safely escape or reach safety. FI Coatings are able to offer off-site application of intumescent coatings at our premises in Bo’Ness to achieve 30-120 minute protection. If you wish to discuss which coatings would be most applicable for your project, or what is involved in intumescent application, please feel free to contact us!

Thermal Spray

Thermal spraying (also known as metal spraying) is a coating method typically used in the construction and engineering industries. It is often used as an alternative to galvanizing with the benefits of being able to paint directly on top of the product with no distortions. Thermal spray has fantastic corrosion protection properties making it an ideal coating solution for oil rigs and the North Sea industry.

On-Site Coatings

With IPAF, PASMA and CSCS qualified operatives, and with access to a wide range of coatings and powered access equipment, there are no onsite surface preparation and coating works that are out of the question. To discuss any onsite coating requirements, please feel free to contact us!


  • What do we need to create a quote for you?

    We would ideally have: the square meterage of the items you are needing processed and confirmation of any paint specification, if we require any other job specific information we can discuss this with you.

  • What paints do we use?

    FI Coatings deal with all major paint manufacturers to provide the best product for specific jobs. Our primary suppliers are: International, Jotun, Sherwin Williams, PPG and Hempel, but we can access a variety of other suppliers if required.

  • What on-site services do we provide?

    We can supply on-site blasting, spraying (intumescent application and cosmetic coating) as well as coating touch-up services. If you wish to discuss potential on-site works requirement further, please feel free to contact us.


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