Since being founded in June 2010, FI Coatings has completed over 10,400 contracts covering a variety of clients, from global leaders in the oil, gas and nuclear power sectors, to local construction and fabrication businesses. Over this time FI Coatings has built a reputation for quality workmanship and completing contracts on time, all the while supporting the varying needs of our client.

  • Situated in Bo’Ness we are only 30 minutes away from Glasgow and Edinburgh, and just off the M9 means easy transport links to the rest of the UK.
  • Thermal Spray Application and Train the Painter certified workforce ensures our operatives have the skills to complete any job.
  • Excellent capacity, with over 44,000 sq ft of working area used for coatings application.
  • Over 2 acres of storage space for laying out client items.


years of combined experience in the surface preparation and protective coatings sector.

completed projects.

percent of our spray painters and blasters hold Train the Painter Certification.


Our objective here at FI Coatings is to provide unrivalled surface preparation and protective coatings that meet stringent international quality standards. To achieve this objective, we are committed to continuous improvement and innovation, an approach that allows us to meet challenges successfully and continue to evolve the services we provide so we can meet the ever changing needs of our clients.

In 2015 FI Coatings opened a brand-new workshop, increasing our then coatings area by over 25% and allowing us to create a workshop dedicated to multi-coat systems and the spraying of spool work and bespoke items. Further expansion followed in 2019 with the addition our Shed 3 facility, which expanded our coatings area by a further 45% resulting in a total working area of over 44,000 sq ft! This has allowed us to re-organise our coating activities to allow us to dedicate one workshop to spool work and bespoke items, another workshop to the blasting and priming of structural steelwork, and a whole workshop dedicated to the spraying of intumescent paints.


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